About us

Grains trader

The ORAS company specializes in the sale and purchase of grain: cereals, legumes, oilseeds, as well as the manufacture of animal and poultry feed.

We guarantee an individual approach to each order, optimal sale options and flexible pricing conditions, because our agricultural company Oras cares about long-term cooperation and mutual understanding.


Oras has its own fleet of grain trucks with more than 50 units. This enables us to deliver agricultural products in the shortest possible time.

We offer transportation in Ukraine and abroad. We take into account the individual needs of customers, we ensure strict compliance with the agreed conditions at optimal prices.

Our company offers a flexible pricing policy and maintains a high level of service quality.

All conditions can be discussed to find the best option for the client.

Compound feeds

Own trade mark ORAS-KORM™.

Production and sale of compound feed for animals and poultry.

In particular: compound feed for broilers, waterfowl, laying hens, protein and mineral supplements.

As a manufacturer, the company quickly established itself in the market of compound feeds and protein-mineral supplements and continues to develop rapidly.