Seeds and grains. Compound feed.

The ORAS company specializes in the sale and purchase of grain: cereals, legumes, oilseeds, as well as the manufacture of animal and poultry feed.

ORAS has its own fleet of grain carriers and other trucks. This allows us to deliver products in the shortest possible time. Container delivery is also possible. All conditions can be discussed to find the best option for the client.

We guarantee an individual approach to each order, optimal sale options and flexible pricing conditions, because our agricultural company Oras cares about long-term cooperation and mutual understanding.

As a manufacturer, the company quickly established itself in the market of compound feeds and protein-mineral supplements under the brand name ORAS-KORM™ and continues to develop rapidly.

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Numerous agricultural firms in Ukraine provide a wide range of services - growing, manufacturing, processing, storage, sale and transportation of grain. But not all of them are competent, responsible and reliable. If you are interested in buying or selling grain - our company "Oras" will help. We are well aware of the agricultural business, its subtleties, nuances and news, as we have been working in this field for many years.

We offer favorable conditions for cooperation to our partners in the agricultural business. We organize the export of crops across the country in our own cars from warehouses of farms and elevators. We have our own transshipment terminal for processing grain, legumes and oilseeds. We carry out transportation and support of agricultural products on the territory of Ukraine and Europe. We deliver goods on time, safely, efficiently and in accordance with current agricultural legislation.